Where it all started

Where it all started

Fluffy Fizzies was started in our kitchen. I had the summer off for the first time since I can remember. On a whim I decided to try my hand at bath bombs...food themed bath bombs at that (I never start things slowly)! The first batch was a mess, but I took pictures for posterity. 

Wow! Looks like someone didn't even know how to frost cupcakes (yup!). So I did what everyone does and watched YouTube videos on how to frost cupcakes. 

Now we're talking. From here the themes started...and I got my first lesson on trademark violations. Quickly, very quickly, I learned how to "play by the rules" and hit my stride. 

After a few expos and climbing sales I had my sights on the big boy...runDisney Princess Expo. In February 2018 we sold our Fizzies for the first time on Disney property. It was a HUGE success and we will be there again in April. 

Now our product line has expanded exponentially. We have done a wedding, Runners World, and numerous expos. We went from the kitchen counter, to the home office, to the entire third floor of our house in the span of two months. 

What's our next step you ask? For now it's my little (BIG) secret. So stay tuned...

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