W&D race cupcakes

W&D race cupcakes

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New this year, choose our 4 packs of race cupcakes in Muscle Recovery formula or our fragrant Cupcake Assortment.

The Cupcake Assortment is one of each of the following delicious creations. These are fun bath bomb blends, intended for a luxurious bath, but do not contain our Muscle Recovery blend.

  • When you run the W&D 5K, It's a Jungle Out There! This earthy bath bomb will awaken your jungle senses. It is topped with royal icing and a leaf shaped soap.
  • Are you ready for an Icy Adventure with the 10K? The blue and white blend creates a frosty feel, complete with a soap snowflake and a fresh, crisp scent.
  • Let's salute all the half marathon runners with this year's patriotic theme. This red, white, and blue bath bomb has a yummy surprise scent!
  • Hola mis amigos running the challenge! Lets celebrate the accomplishment with a fiesta, topped with a soap sombrero.

The muscle recovery versions will have ALL green bottoms and feature our signature blend of essential oils. Tops will be themed to honor each of the races and the challenge.