Complete Race Pack

Complete Race Pack

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I know the excitement, I know the nervousness, I know the fatigue. Races are hard work! This pack of shower/bath bombs is here to help. Included in each pack are three "tablet" style fizzies. 

1. Relaxation: The night before can be both stressful and exciting, and you have to get to sleep for the SUPER early wake up call. The purple fizzy is a sleep inducing, relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile. Ues this fizzy in the tub as a soak or in the shower for aromatherapy.

2. Wake up!: It's the middle of the night and you have to wake up and run. Use this shower tart to open the sinuses and perk up with the crisp smell of peppermint. Due to the menthol crystals embedded inside (your sinuses will thank us) we recommend a shower only with the blue fizzy.

3. Recover: After the race your muscles need some TLC. Soak in the tub with the green fizzy to alleviate muscle cramping. This is our Bounce Back Bath formula in a convenient green tablet form.