Princess inspired bath bomb

Princess inspired bath bomb

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Bath bombs fit for a princess, with delightfully royal options:

Mermaid Sparkle - Green and blue, and sparkly through and through! Scented with a wonderfully "waterfall" fragrance.

Tempting Apple - Blue and yellow, with a sparkle of red, with this apple scented bath bomb you won't be misled.

Beauty of a Rose - A bath bomb of yellow and red, scented with fresh rose, will melt all your cares and wash away your woes.

River and the Forest - at a place where the water meets the earth, where you find the river bend, this bath bomb smells like both, with leaves blowing in the wind.

Sleep like a Princess - Pink and yellow, with a crown within, with this perfumed bath bomb let the slumber begin.

Almost Midnight - Pearls are hidden in this bath bomb of blue and white, and the scent of evening flowers will have you escape like it's midnight.

Bloom and Glow - Purple and Yellow, with flowers woven in just so, the spicy scented bath bomb is perfect to watch the lanterns glow.