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Fluffy Fizzies

Soaring the World Compressed Towels

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Ten (10) compressed towel body wipes, infused with our signature scents. 

Imagine flying around the world and experiencing the fragrances of the destination. This 4-tube collection contains some of our favorite scents: African Grasslands, Ocean Mist, Fields of Orange, and Indian Rose. 

    Compressed towels are activated with water:

         Step 1: Remove tablet from pouch.

         Step 2: Pour a small amount of water on the tablet to begin activation.

         Step 3: Squeeze wipe to distribute water and fully moisten the entire wipe.

    Use the wipe to freshen up, avoiding eyes.

    Fluffy Fizzies Compressed Towels are 100% biodegradable. When activated, wipes expand to 9”x 9” towelettes.