The Main Street Spa - Bath Salts
The Main Street Spa - Bath Salts
The Main Street Spa - Bath Salts

The Main Street Spa - Bath Salts

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Enjoy our featured scent each month in soothing Bath Salts. 

Each month, we will introduce a new scent, inspired by our favorite parks, resorts, and vacation destinations. We will continue to offer the scent throughout the year after it debuts.

January - Navi Rainforest - Feel the cool mist of the rainforest as you soar above the treetops

February - Candy Shop - Inhale the sugar as soon as you enter the confectionary. This month is so sweet you can almost taste it!

March - Horizon - Crisp and juicy, the fresh citrus smell wafts above the orange groves.

April - Bay & Lake Resorts - Soothe yourself with the clean scent of green clover and aloe.

May - Pineapple Ice - Time to cool down with a tropical frozen treat!

June - Lagoon Escape - Relax in the sun, jump the waves, inhaling the scents of sun and sand. 

July - Hawaiian Luau - From the moment you arrive for your Polynesian luau, until you depart filled with food and memories, experience the scents of tropics. 

August - Monkey Breath - When you encounter the biggest gorilla of them all, be prepared banana breath!

September - Main Street USA - A nostalgic blend of ice cream in waffle cones, confectionary treats, popcorn, and fun.

October - Scary! - All our favorite parks get a little scary in October, but all in good fun. Candies and caramels, pumpkins and fog surround you. Breathe it in. Not so scary anymore, right?

November - Chocolate Ears - You will be up to your ears in delight with this scent of a chocolate covered ice cream treat.

December - Christmas Shopping - The blended scent of fir, cinnamon, spice, and snow set the stage to shop all year round.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea Salt, Fragrance, Aloe.