The Main Street Spa - Body Milk
The Main Street Spa - Body Milk
The Main Street Spa - Body Milk

The Main Street Spa - Body Milk

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Enjoy our featured scent each month in a light, hydrating, spray-on Body Milk.

Each month, we will introduce a new scent, inspired by our favorite parks, resorts, and vacation destinations. We will continue to offer the scent throughout the year after it debuts.

January - Navi Rainforest - Feel the cool mist of the rainforest as you soar above the treetops

February - Candy Shop - Inhale the sugar as soon as you enter the confectionary. This month is so sweet you can almost taste it!

March - Horizon - Crisp and juicy, the fresh citrus smell wafts above the orange groves.

April - Bay & Lake Resorts - Soothe yourself with the clean scent of green clover and aloe.

May - Pineapple Ice - Time to cool down with a tropical frozen treat!

June - Lagoon Escape - Relax in the sun, jump the waves, inhaling the scents of sun and sand. 

July - Hawaiian Luau - From the moment you arrive for your Polynesian luau, until you depart filled with food and memories, experience the scents of tropics. 

August - Monkey Breath - When you encounter the biggest gorilla of them all, be prepared banana breath!

September - Main Street USA - A nostalgic blend of ice cream in waffle cones, confectionary treats, popcorn, and fun.

October - Scary! - All our favorite parks get a little scary in October, but all in good fun. Candies and caramels, pumpkins and fog surround you. Breathe it in. Not so scary anymore, right?

November - Chocolate Ears - You will be up to your ears in delight with this scent of a chocolate covered ice cream treat.

December - Christmas Shopping - The blended scent of fir, cinnamon, spice, and snow set the stage to shop all year round.

Ingredients: Distilled water, sunflower oil, soya oil, vegetable glycerin, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, palmitic acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, goat's milk, aloe vera, vitamin C, citric acid, Germall Plus, fragrance.