5 pk Bounce Back Bath Wipes Wipe

5 pk Bounce Back Bath Wipes

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Five (5) compressed towel body wipes, infused with our signature blend of essential oils:

• Orange oil – reduces muscular spasms
• Wintergreen oil – promotes circulation
• Peppermint oil – alleviates muscle aches
• Eucalyptus oil – a natural anti-inflammatory
• Camphor oil – relieves cramping; natural analgesic

Wipes are individually packaged and activated with water.

1. Open individual wipe bag.
2. Pour water into bag to activate wipe
3. Remove wipe and squeeze to distribute water
4. Unfold wipe and clean body

Bounce Back Bath Wipes are 100% biodegradable, with no chemicals or detergents. When activated, wipes expand to 9”x 9” strong, reusable towels.